If anybody really knows me, they know I watch an outdated show called, “Sex and the City”. To be brief about this show, I’ll just say it’s about four best friends living in Manhattan and paving their way through their thirties (and in one woman’s case-her forties) with fun, cosmos (apparently some kind of alcoholic drink), sex and boyfriends in tow (in at least one woman’s case- her two husbands in tow). Those who have watched this show know exactly what I’m talking about. But every action gets a reaction-as anybody knows from life. Hell, I even figured it out and I’m only in high school. In the show’s case, the reaction to the action is the possibility of Abortion.
Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock the past couple of years, you know that Abortion has been a very controversial topic, one that anybody who has been even slightly paying attention to will understand and take part in. Most conservatives are pro-life, which means they are against any legal abortion, they are against anybody in any circumstances having an abortion. Stereotypical liberals are pro-choice, which means they are okay with legal abortion, while they might not get abortions themselves. And now here is the question: what the hell does it have to do with Sex and the City?
Well, I’ll tell you. In the episode I had just finished watching, the lawyer has gotten pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, while another woman, the housewife (that used to work at a gallery) is trying to get pregnant but isn’t successful. The lawyer is thinking of getting an abortion without telling her ex, who got her pregnant. The housewife is upset. Anyway, that’s the synopsis of the episode. What is interesting about this particular episode, is the question (at least for me) it raises. Is it okay to get an abortion, and is it okay to do it without your sexual partner knowing you got pregnant in the first place? That’s the dilemma that the lawyer faces. And after watching a scene where the remaining two women talk about how they got abortions and they didn’t tell the sexual partners (at the time) that they were pregnant, I got to thinking, (how Carrie Bradshaw is that?) do your partners have a say in keeping your baby, or is it your personal decisions that count?
Personally, I think that if you really do want an abortion, and that nothing is going to stop you from making that decision, then you owe it to your sexual partner to at least let them know. If you’re unsure, then you should especially let your partner know so you can make the best decision possible. In the end, the consequences are yours to experience. Sex has consequences: pregnancy and STI’s are the worst case scenarios.
Of course, sex isn’t the only action that could have a serious life-changing reaction. Though this show is of course mostly about sex, (the title should make it obvious) there are other things that can backfire. Marrying someone super quick should be a no-no, but if you do it, then you have an increased chance of divorce.
Life is full of consequences, but this is one specific post about them. And remember, this is only the beginning of this debate. I used abortion because this is one of the many issues that we will have to go over and over again. And no, I won’t offer a concrete opinion on this subject.


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