Summer Assignments

Summer reading sucks. I say that because it’s true. Buying a book you wouldn’t read otherwise, wasting time trying to decode the secrets there, gets on my nerves and bores the f*ck outta me, to say the least. Last year, I didn’t start the summer reading until the day before school started and let me tell ya, it showed in my work. To Kill a Mockingbird may be a classic, but agonizing over the title is no fun. Ever.
This year will be easier, since I know what I’m looking for and doing. However, the books they planned for us, well let’s just say they aren’t any better. I chose Their eyes are Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. I’m like four pages in, and let me tell ya, the writing is good but I honestly don’t know why I chose this book over Cat’s Cradle. Oh wait, I do. I was tired of satire, and this book is supposed to be about love and family. If I want to see patronizing people and read/hear them, I can go to Comedy Central dot com and watch the latest Stephen Colbert episode and then to HBO for Bill Maher. So yeah, the cuddly times for me……
So far, nothing but judgmental busybody skanks. Well, aren’t I in for a treat. But I’m sticking around. After all, it’s my fault I assumed about the romance part. This isn’t the f*cking Notebook after all.


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