Women and Men throughout time contemplated, wrote songs, plays, novels and sonnets about that one special feeling: Love. Now I know this is July, not February, but this question came up to me last night when I was texting my boyfriend: What is love? And better yet, what are relationships?
When you really think about it, nobody is really “married” or “dating”. It’s not a state of being, it’s only a definition of human relationships. “I’m ‘dating’ this person” or “I’m ‘married’ to her/him”. What you’re really saying is this: I love this person and I feel we have an extraordinary bond so let’s put a label on it. These “bonds” are typically defined by: Married, Engaged, Dating, F*cking, Just Friends (or the ever-annoying “Friend Zone”), etc. These labels imply that you “belong” to that other person, whoever it is. My boyfriend is not my “boyfriend’, he’s just, well let’s just say that he’s a guy I’m into (and contemplating ending our so-called connection). We’re not taken, we’re not kidnapped after all. We aren’t “off the market”, since any person can have any kind of relationships they so feel like. No one is “cheating”, they are simply exploring a bond with someone else. You can’t cheat if you don’t owe anything to that other person.
If you want to define relationships, however, that’s great. I also like labels but the point of the last two paragraphs was that that’s what they are, just labels humans made up to explain their purpose in someone else’s life. Labels are like Religion: to explain things in life.
After we cleared up that little annoying label, I want to draw attention to what those labels mean, not what they are.
What is Dating?
“Dating” is the stereotypical “get to know you” phase shown in movies. You know the “honeymoon” phase, where things get really romantic. Never had one. Personally, a relationship doesn’t become “dating” until we have a honeymoon phase and then fades away. If you never had a honeymoon phase, then the appropriate label should be “friends”. though honestly, I’ve always wondered about “dating”. Is it really all that special? Wouldn’t you rather just date yourself? I mean, do what you want, when you want it, how you want it, and you can always get a “Friend with Benefits” for those horny nights. If that’s not your thing, there’s always a dildo. Or for a guy: your hand. Really, I think that dating is confusing. Like I said before, I don’t define my relationship with my “boyfriend” dating, so I’ve never really dated. Tell me, is it like the movies say it is? Are the feelings just like they say they are? Why share your life when you can keep it to yourself? I never understood why the women in Sex and the City (that is, except Samantha) obsessed over the numerous men they slept with. In the end of the day, we’re all alone. We’re the only ones in our heads, the only ones who know our life story, who have our own memories of common ones, and we all die by ourselves. We may have people in our presence but we are the only ones departing from the earth. Other people die as well. But we’re the only ones who feel ourselves die. We are born alone, and we die alone. So why obsess over someone’s dick picture?
What is being Engaged?
Well, well, well. Put a ring on it. Suddenly, we’re all spending thousands of much needed dollars for what? Oh that’s right. ONE DAY PEOPLE. Which brings me into Marriage…..
What is Marriage?
Stereotypically dreaded by every man who likes to call himself a man, Marriage is now a Trap for any self-respecting male. Apparently. Really, from what I heard about it (and how suck-ish my parents make it look) it’s just like Dating but suddenly, YOU’RE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Not. I’m never having kids if I can help it. But seriously. Why do you suddenly get to own each other? Like , “Oh I’m married to you (if I’m not gay because apparently it’s a sin) and I love you so go and do the dishes”. That’s like so sexy. so I’d rather be friends with Benefits. No feelings, just fucking. Yup, definitely doing that when I’m older. Which brings us to….
What is Friendship?
Friendship, or “Let’s just be friends” is the most convenient relationship. You fuck (if you want to), you talk and no ESPECIALLY EXTRAORDINARY feelings are shared. It’s basically everything that dating, marriage and engagement is, just they’re apparently “special”.
Well I’m done ranting about relationships. I’m not even sure I’m making sense anymore. XD anyway good bye and good day!


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