Having a job is overrated, especially one where you don’t get paid. I have it even worse, I work for my Dad.
Ok, so before I start just randomly bitching about my so-called “horrible” job, I do realize that
A. Most people would be glad to get any kind of job right now and
B. I should get used to even worse and unreasonable bosses and my dad is just the beginning.
Ok, I’m done.
Nope, I’m just getting started.
This isn’t my first job. My first job wasn’t even a job before I got fired. I didn’t have time for it, as I was in school and you know, had to do homework. This job is only to relieve my boredom and hopefully get an Ipad. Nope, not going to sugar coat this. I want an Ipad, and my dad is saying that I can only get one if I work for him. He’s unfortunately, a very reasonable person, so naturally I said yes. Besides, I do need the work experience.
Needing a job isn’t the same as liking it, however. Monkey work, which is basically taking 300 business cards and putting them into an online data base. Yay….
It takes longer than it should, because my darling father simply insists on doing things HIS WAY, AS HE’S THE BOSS. That includes:
*scanning them through a glitchy app
*transferring them onto the computer
*and then editing them, even though the fucking app should have done it all
Now, I’m correcting the mistakes the app makes which takes forever, and the app didn’t scan some cards so I have to put them in manually. What….fun?
Yes, I know, my dad is giving me some experience, and I’m grateful but I have rights you know. You know, to be a dumb teenager and shit. There. Justified this post.
Bye 🙂


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