Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to be Single

Another post about being single. I know, not terribly original but hey! I still have an opinion on this. And for those of you who care (and probably nobody does but who cares): yes, I’m “single” again. Don’t have a “boyfriend” any longer. You know what? I’ll get rid of the quotation marks. Those who read my “Relationships” post ( will know my opinion about labels. So here are my reasons on why it’s awesome being single.
1. You can be attracted to someone without anyone freaking out about it
If you’re single, you can go to parties and meet cuties (boy or girl, your call) without constantly checking in or telling your SO about it. Because well, if you don’t tell your SO about a party: they think you’re cheating. You can casually flirt and exchange numbers, and oh my god tell your friends without them asking the dreaded question, “And how does_____ feel about it?” Nobody cares about who cares about the attraction and no one is trying to get you away from the person you think is hot/sexy.
2. You spend time your way
No more weekends at the potential in-laws’ house! Especially if you completely hate their guts. No more nights watching their movies and TV shows or laughing at their friends. Seriously. Your life is your own. You can go to the convenience store at 3am if you so feel like it. You can get drunk with your friends without apologizing to anyone. No more stupid fights, especially since it’s obvious you’re right. You can shit with the door open if it gets you off and you can scratch your ass without getting grossed out looks. Unless of course you live with roommates but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.
3.No more pointless gifts and spending money
You’ll always spend money, and you’ll always give gifts (as long as you have family and friends, that is). However, you no longer have to give gifts for no reason to someone you fought with, or are sorry for their loss about someone you never met. You don’t have to give them Valentine’s Day gifts. You also don’t have to spend money on dates, because no matter how cheap they are, they usually end up costing you something.
Well, there it is! The Top 3 Reasons on why it’s awesome to be single.


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