Tick Tock….how fast is the clock?

Time flies by us all, but where does it go?
I used to love watching time travel movies, they seemed so real yet so impossible. Once the past becomes the past, what happens to it? This summer will soon become the past, and in two months, I’ll be sixteen and another year will be stored in my memory archives.
Where does anything go after it leaves? We become old and gray, and then we die. Where does time go?
It flies by so fast, the fastest summer in memory… It makes me feel sad, yet hopeful, the future is beginning.
We will remember this life, but where does it go? Where does anything go after it leaves?
Does it hang around the air, waiting to be discovered? Or it only lives on memory….waiting just to fade….?
We all fade, and so do our histories. Contrary to Christians’ beliefs, nothing is forever, nothing has eternity’s eternal stamp. We fade away, and so do our horrors, our joys and our struggles. Our memories will be interpreted, those of us who are lucky enough to become eternal. But nothing is eternal. We are mortal, civilization is mortal and our planet is mortal, maybe even our universe. The Day of Judgment might never come, and if it does, what do we leave behind when we separate into Heaven and Hell? The Day of Judgment might come, but would God or the Gods care what happens on earth? If they don’t care about us now, what makes us think that our civilizations will provide any sympathy from them?
Where does it all go? And if it does go somewhere, then why can’t go there too, while we are still souls in bodies, not just wandering souls in the afterlife?
Is time even a thing? Does it even exist?


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