School Supply Shopping

I love school supplies. There’s just something awesome about new binders, notebooks, paper….mmmm. Did I mention I’m a paper collector?
But seriously, (if I can ever be, that is) it is kind of sad when you do have to go school shopping. It means that school is starting, and in my case, it will be. In two days.
My mom, my grandma and I went shopping yesterday for a couple of binders and ended up with this:
2 kitty binders
2 pretty color binders
1 kitty folder
1 college planner
Ibuprofen (for my teeth who won’t start hurting like hell ever since I got my braces on Thursday)
Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla greek yogurt in a tub (mmmmm- I recommend Chobani, it’s sooo creamy).
Caramel Mocha (Starbucks-for breakfast) And….
Windex (for the house)
So basically we got more than we planned on. Hey! It’s still awesome.
Oh! and we got milk, for an awesome shake I’m going to make with bananas, ice cream, and milk. I’ll post the recipe here when I’m done.
Honestly, don’t plan on shopping for the bare essentials. And if you do, bring a list and your budget. Nothing will ever get accomplished the way you want it to without it.
I forgot: we also got Bengay and Old spice for hygiene. I don’t know why I felt the need to put it here, just live with it.
stores are amazing for impulse buying. Haha.
Wish me luck!


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