My new (broken) braces

I got my braces a month ago….and I broke a hook off this morning…
So, that probably means that I suck at keeping them all perfect and shit. And that also means that I failed at my goal a month into my treatment: to never have to go to additional treatments.FUCK.
Well, I can never say that I didn’t TRY. Ok, fine, I didn’t try too hard. I need to stop eating popcorn. Which makes me sad 😦
Ah well. It’s only 20 months. Which means I’ll probably be snacking on bananas ( and getting a ton of dick jokes in the process) until I’m almost 18.
I keep wondering…..and I completely lost my train of thought. Typical.
Anyway, the whole point of me getting braces was giving me a “beautiful” smile. Fine, straighten my teeth, but you can’t make me super “beautiful”. Seriously. That’s what people are concerned with? “A beautiful smile”? Is this targeted at girls with self-esteem issues? Because they keep emphasizing about how their braces give their clients or “patients” a “beautiful smile”. No “healthy” smile? Because “beauty” is more important! Thanks. This is why we have eating disorders in this country, the emphasis on “beauty”, but not “health”. (I shake my head in shame at this.)
Anyway, have an awesome SUNDAY! (Cue the crying in agony)
To the commenters:
How do you keep your braces clean/healthy?
Did you ever have to go in for an additional appointment to fix a fuck up?
Thanks, and have an awesome Sunday and a Monday that does not insist on sucking balls 🙂


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