The Ever-Dreaded “Friendzone”

So before I begin the day’s topic, I would like to apologize for not writing for more than a week. It’s been pretty hectic, getting used to doing homework and getting used to my new set of classes, and fighting off my anxiety. Also, a shout out to my friend Joey: Me and John ARE NOT DATING, AND I WILL NOT DATE HIM!!!! Anyway, on to the day’s topic.
In my Relationships post, I mentioned that I really don’t see a difference between people’s relationships in terms of familiarity,well, not in quite that concisely. Well, people do, and so I decided to kinda explore the fabled “friendzone”.
The friendzone is used to describe a girl or a guy (mostly guys use that word though) and how the person they have a crush on doesn’t go after “nice people” but go after hot jerks and bitches. It’s annoying because that implies that
A. the person you love/like doesn’t have good judgment when it comes to relationships
B. that you are entitled to that person’s love/lust/friendship.
Both are wrong, which is why the friendzone label pisses me off. My “best friend” has a crush on me, and he is MAD that the fact that I don’t feel the same way. He constantly mentions it, and thinks it’s okay to try to convince me. It makes me like him even less. He’s not entitled to my love/lust but he thinks, however unconsciously, that he is entitled to me. Nope. He also implies, constantly, that I only like jerks. Um, no. Sure, I lust after some of them, but it’s LUST, not love. I happen to see the difference. No nice guy will imply that I have horrible judgment and will not constantly put me down. So guys, if you do that, you’re not “nice guys” and we don’t put you in the “friendzone”, we just DON’T F*CKING LIKE YOU more than in a platonic way. Geez.
How come if a girl doesn’t get the “love” or the “lust” of her week, she hates the girl who got the guy? The “other” girl/woman did nothing wrong. Nor did the “other” man/boy, for the ever-jealous guys. They may be “rivals” but honestly, if the object of your lust chose them, there’s no more rivalry. They “won”, so get over it and fap/masturbate to someone else, thanks. The Internet is an awesome resource for that, and they don’t talk back and they don’t have their own opinions. They are attractive pixels.
Bottom line: the friendzone was invented by those too jealous to realize that the object of their whatever is also an individual, and with another heart and mind. So, people, the next time your crush or whatever doesn’t return the feelings, eat your damn ice cream and chocolate and drink your damn beer and ACCEPT THE VERDICT. No use for crying over spilled milk. It only takes away from the time you need to clean it up 🙂


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