Their Eyes Were Watching God

So I finally finished read “Their Eyes were Watching God”, which essentially is a love story. Well, I hated it. The writing was amazing, but the characters had obvious characteristics and personalities.  Not to mention, the plot was just a place holder plot.
Plot: Janie Crawford is a young girl who gets married at the age of sixteen because her grandmother wants her to have financial security.  The marriage doesn’t work out so she runs away to another man and they get married and settle in a sleeoy town which grows due to Janie’s new husband’s work ethic and love of power. The marriage falls apart and the second husband dies so she stays in mourning until she meets a man who is a lot younger that her. They fall in love, leave and get married. They get settled in a small farming town in the mountains and they make a living picking beans and hunting. Then a hurricane comes in and they have to leave when the man gets bitten by a dog with rabies and goes mad. Janie ends up shooting him in self defense, and is arrested. She gets acquitted from her charges and goes back to where she came from. That’s it. That’s the plot.
It’s not terribly boring, the action is nice but I hate the so called romantic parts. However, this was written during the 1930s, so I’m guessing this was romantic then. I wouldn’t recommend it to read unless it’s for school. The book is about finding your freedom and yourself. However, all I got out of it was that Janie wanted love, not freedom. She found herself through three men, so no, this is not a feminist work.  However, the language is beautiful and that’s it’s only strength.
See you!!


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