Just going to the movies….

I miss girl talk. You know, the kind of talk you see in the movies, with all the girls at their coffee houses and all of that crap, just talking about boys, funny instances, boys, shoes, the past, boys, love, boys and boys boys boys!!!!! Ah…..glad I got THAT out of my chest. Just don’t quote me on it….pretty please?ย 

Seriously, I haven’t talked to a girl who wanted to be silly in a long time. It’s really nice to have that sometimes. No pressures of “does this make me sound stupid?” or “is this opinion properly supported?”. I don’t have to care. I don’t get a lot of girly talk out of my system. I’m talking to some girls who act silly and unrestrained and I feel so dang liberated, so that feels nice. But I don’t get that often. People say that “girly girls” are horrible and vapid and all crappy and typical, but I disagree. “Girly girls” are just girls who don’t give a FUCK.

Anyway, my friend and I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters today, and it was good, but I’m not going to get into it right now. We got popcorn and MMs, and Twizzlers, but naturally, we barely ate any of the popcorn, ate all of the Twizzlers (even though both of us have braces) and chewed half the MMs, just basically behaved like two drunken teens at a party filled with hot college guys. The movie was great, we had a load of fun. Haha. So after the movie, we went to the mall and laughed about the first Percy Jackson film, talked about the series and laughed and hugged. People must have thought we were lesbians, with the looks we were getting. Haters gonna hate. At one point, we freaked this little girl out because we saw a TV that was filming us, and we, ummmm, screamed and jumped in front of it. I still feel bad for any kind of trauma we must have caused her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m sorry……

We also just talked about makeup and glamour and crushes (she made fun of me because I still like the guy I liked last year…) and we talked about her best guy friend and we just talked about him and her insecurities and stuff like that. At the food court, we discussed the guy and I flayed her out about that little situation. Well, not quite “flayed”, but the topic got so intense that some people started to wonder whether we were high or not. Oh and: guys were checking us out. That’s right people. I like that.ย 

We went to Bass Pro Shop and started the shooting game they had on one of those computer thingies and we looked like morons and we laughed so much :’). We then made a wish at the bridge/pond/wishing well thingy. None of this is in chronological order. The movie came first, that’s all. We laughed and talked about nothing of national importance, or religion or history. we did talk about our futures and what we wanted. Mostly, it was light hearted conversation. I love my best friend :’) She’s always going to have my back :’)

Some of my other friends are great: they are pretty fulfilling in the sense that I’m laughing and not thinking about death and we can do all of the making fun of our dance teacher….but this friendship is different. I don’t see her everyday and we still hang out and talk. I doubt that I would be doing the same thing with my other friends. The test of an amazing friendship: you talk more often than you see each other face to face. Check and Check ๐Ÿ™‚ This day was so much fun that I put it into my happy year jar ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a philosophy about this, but I want to watch theย White Queenย so bye ๐Ÿ™‚


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