Awesome things that Teachers do

Well, I can’t be in denial any longer. School is officially in session and learning is on its way again, with full force. There’s no way to stop it and I got lucky with my teachers this year. I have funny, intelligent and actually helpful teachers this year. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. I even relate to some of them so either they’re young or I’m getting old. So in honor of this school year and my awesome teachers, here’s the list of how awesome teachers teach their students:
1. When teachers provide a reason for giving you specific assignments/instructions.
This one is big. I never respect those teachers who never provide a reasoning for what they tell us to do. My English and Chemistry teachers tell us never to copy notes word for word because we won’t remember the information if we simply wrote them how they did. And they’re right (amazingly)! They explained it in brain chemistry terms, so they get extra points for that. I’m really into psychology, so hearing an English teacher talk about brain chemistry is awesome beyond belief. My Chemistry teacher makes us do homework but doesn’t grade it, since apparently that’s how they do it in college. But instead of just saying, “Because I don’t feel like it”, she told us her reasoning and that really made me respect her so much more. Respecting…a teacher…? Huh. That’s fairly recent. I mean, sure, I respected my teachers in the past, but it was more out of fear than it was genuine respect. but once I hit high school, it was like BAM! Teachers…..were….people……
2.When teachers don’t get impatient with the endless questions.
This one is also big, because I’ve had teachers in the past where if I couldn’t get the material and I really did need their help, they just wrote me off and went to do something else. I’m not joking. It happened more times than I care to count. It was also annoying, but it was mostly a true WTF moment. A teacher is there to freakin’ teach and this year it’s all like, “How can I help you?” It’s kind of disturbing but in a good way since I’m a curious person and I really want to know things. They never look tired which makes me feel like they’re some kind of alien species but again, apparently teachers are human beings too.
3.When teachers teach you life lessons.
Usually, a teacher just teaches you what’s only outlined in the syllabus. A+B=C. That crap. This year, it’s all like “You guys are going into the real world” and “Pain matures you” and “Don’t drink and drive” and “We have freedom even though our media is controlled by five corporations and women get raped and blamed for it too and men are being told to ‘man up’ and oh yeah! universal healthcare is evil.Remember that children. Remember that. We have freedom of speech and of religion (but not Muslims or Jews). We have freedom. We are unique in our freedom.” We get constant lectures on how a specific technique is helping us prepare for the real world and how honestly, this information is helping us analyze a statistic or a book or perform logically. I like it. I mean, why the hell are we learning the information except to learn how to use it and analyze it? Some things make some sense now. But no, not everything. I still have hormones after all 🙂


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