Just an update

WELL HELLO THERE!!! How’s life after two weeks of aimless stalking? I’m great, thank you. And yet, am I? Of course I am! I’m peppy, I’m happy and oh yeah…..I’m going off on a tangent (however the fuck you spell that).
Well, well, well, I’m back, after yes, two goddamn weeks and a day (THE HORROR!!!) of not writing. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I know. I was busy with Chinese, Chemistry, English, you know, the works. So after two weeks of possible writing topics for my wonderful fans (awww love you too, fan of books!!), I completely forgot all of them, which is so typical for me but whatever.
So for English class, we have to read this book called Of mice and men and I honest to god hate it. The sad thing is though, we have to write about the characters and do character charts and all of that crap and we can’t discuss it like we did last year with the entire class weighing in. This year, it’s all Google Chrome computers and writing meaningless essays….and my English teacher cracking cynical jokes that get boring really fast. But hey, freedom of choice over here.
I’m not really a big fan of any of my classes anymore, since it’s two months into school and I’m used to everyone by now. It happens a lot with me, you know just getting so super excited and then…..nope.
Well, I have to do homework, so until Sunday!


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