Human cruelty towards fellow man doesn’t surprise me anymore

Is it bad that nothing surprises me anymore?
I mean, seriously, every time I hear of rape, or murder or theft, I don’t really feel anything about it. Sure, it’s sad, but then I get caught up in what I have to do today and it all slips away. The Trayvon Martin case? The Connecticut school shooting? I wasn’t angry or sad, or shocked. I just took at face value. Because guess what?
Human cruelty toward fellow man doesn’t surprise me anymore.
I’m immune to it. Sure, it’s horrible that 26 people died, that a guy was acquitted of a crime he obviously committed, but what can we do? Do we demand that those 26 people are brought back to life? Do we demand a second trial for George Zimmerman? What do we do? We just vow never to repeat the same mistakes, yet we do. We just sit back and debate gun violence and the race problem in America but we never get anywhere. Why not? Because we also have obligations, and we give shopping for school supplies a bigger priority over solving racism and teaching children to respect guns. I get it, everyday life is solved immediately, and unlike with national issues, they have a solution. We humans have this annoying thing where instant gratifications look more appealing to us than working steadily towards a solution. That is why the Internet is such a huge success. That is why malls have grown to be so important.
And that is also why nothing surprises me anymore. Guns and hate offer a release. They provide a physical output for emotions. Human kindness takes a while to get a hold of, and who knows if another person will become kind to you as well? It’s easier to kill and get their land and their power, it’s easier to take your anger out on someone because they are luckier than you. Human cruelty is simply easier. You don’t need to control it, as your anger is a fuel for murder, theft and backstabbing. It brings that instant high that you get when you get something off your chest. Why control your anger when you don’t know the outcome or that outcome is coming slowly?
We all have this problem, and it doesn’t seem like much until we have headlines reading “Boy in Florida killed in fight” or “20 children and 6 adults dead in Sandy Hook”.
Before I close off this post, I would just like to say that while I’m not surprised by human cruelty, doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay, but I also think that this problem will not be solved just by talking about it.
Having said that, goodbye and goodnight


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