I hate studying. There’s really nothing worse to me than repeating information I couldn’t care less about in the first place. To me, education is not sitting in a chair all day. Exploring, reading, talking, and thinking are the real tools to education. Sure, you need the beginning tools to read and to think, but what’s next? Why can’t we have kids who have the tools and have the brains, and just give them lessons to complete on their own pace and their own way? If I have to learn about history, I’d rather just go around and look at archives of newspaper articles, read books on opinions, and just explore that time period. I’m going to try that, and while obviously I have to complete homework, I think I’m going to use what I have; after-all, I’m the first generation to be born to all of this technology, and I might as well harness it to my advantage.
So back to studying. We have midterms, which I’ll admit, do add to my points and I really could use the buffer for my grades to increase. After that, it’s spring break and I have to do some volunteer work for my AP Government and Politics class, or I can’t pass my course. Frankly, I thought it would be more about current events, but hey! we can never understand them unless we know the basis for laws.
Speaking of laws:
I found this website http://www.docs.House.gov which shows what the legislation will pass or the bills up for the Floor. Google News is also a good resource. There’s a variety of news sources.
Anyway, have to drink my tea and take a shower and
Off to bed!!


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