Cooking some Anti-Kosher pork……

So it’s Sunday….the Sabbath day, which on today I did homework and read Anne of Green Gables #6. So now I’m cooking. Pork. I’m such a bad Jew. So here I make it up to you with this pork recipe, served up with perfect irony.
What you need:
Pork breast
Bread Crumbs
And obviously, you need containers for all of them.
Mix in the milk, eggs and basil and into the first container. The next thing you do is to wash the pork and rub them with salt and garlic. Put them into the next container. Next, you pour out the bread crumbs and soak the pork with the bread crumbs. When they are covered, place them on the oil covered pan and cook until its easy to cut through the meat. Enjoy 🙂