Just going to the movies….

I miss girl talk. You know, the kind of talk you see in the movies, with all the girls at their coffee houses and all of that crap, just talking about boys, funny instances, boys, shoes, the past, boys, love, boys and boys boys boys!!!!! Ah…..glad I got THAT out of my chest. Just don’t quote me on it….pretty please? 

Seriously, I haven’t talked to a girl who wanted to be silly in a long time. It’s really nice to have that sometimes. No pressures of “does this make me sound stupid?” or “is this opinion properly supported?”. I don’t have to care. I don’t get a lot of girly talk out of my system. I’m talking to some girls who act silly and unrestrained and I feel so dang liberated, so that feels nice. But I don’t get that often. People say that “girly girls” are horrible and vapid and all crappy and typical, but I disagree. “Girly girls” are just girls who don’t give a FUCK.

Anyway, my friend and I went to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters today, and it was good, but I’m not going to get into it right now. We got popcorn and MMs, and Twizzlers, but naturally, we barely ate any of the popcorn, ate all of the Twizzlers (even though both of us have braces) and chewed half the MMs, just basically behaved like two drunken teens at a party filled with hot college guys. The movie was great, we had a load of fun. Haha. So after the movie, we went to the mall and laughed about the first Percy Jackson film, talked about the series and laughed and hugged. People must have thought we were lesbians, with the looks we were getting. Haters gonna hate. At one point, we freaked this little girl out because we saw a TV that was filming us, and we, ummmm, screamed and jumped in front of it. I still feel bad for any kind of trauma we must have caused her 😦 I’m sorry……

We also just talked about makeup and glamour and crushes (she made fun of me because I still like the guy I liked last year…) and we talked about her best guy friend and we just talked about him and her insecurities and stuff like that. At the food court, we discussed the guy and I flayed her out about that little situation. Well, not quite “flayed”, but the topic got so intense that some people started to wonder whether we were high or not. Oh and: guys were checking us out. That’s right people. I like that. 

We went to Bass Pro Shop and started the shooting game they had on one of those computer thingies and we looked like morons and we laughed so much :’). We then made a wish at the bridge/pond/wishing well thingy. None of this is in chronological order. The movie came first, that’s all. We laughed and talked about nothing of national importance, or religion or history. we did talk about our futures and what we wanted. Mostly, it was light hearted conversation. I love my best friend :’) She’s always going to have my back :’)

Some of my other friends are great: they are pretty fulfilling in the sense that I’m laughing and not thinking about death and we can do all of the making fun of our dance teacher….but this friendship is different. I don’t see her everyday and we still hang out and talk. I doubt that I would be doing the same thing with my other friends. The test of an amazing friendship: you talk more often than you see each other face to face. Check and Check 🙂 This day was so much fun that I put it into my happy year jar 🙂 I have a philosophy about this, but I want to watch the White Queen so bye 🙂


The Ever-Dreaded “Friendzone”

So before I begin the day’s topic, I would like to apologize for not writing for more than a week. It’s been pretty hectic, getting used to doing homework and getting used to my new set of classes, and fighting off my anxiety. Also, a shout out to my friend Joey: Me and John ARE NOT DATING, AND I WILL NOT DATE HIM!!!! Anyway, on to the day’s topic.
In my Relationships post, I mentioned that I really don’t see a difference between people’s relationships in terms of familiarity,well, not in quite that concisely. Well, people do, and so I decided to kinda explore the fabled “friendzone”.
The friendzone is used to describe a girl or a guy (mostly guys use that word though) and how the person they have a crush on doesn’t go after “nice people” but go after hot jerks and bitches. It’s annoying because that implies that
A. the person you love/like doesn’t have good judgment when it comes to relationships
B. that you are entitled to that person’s love/lust/friendship.
Both are wrong, which is why the friendzone label pisses me off. My “best friend” has a crush on me, and he is MAD that the fact that I don’t feel the same way. He constantly mentions it, and thinks it’s okay to try to convince me. It makes me like him even less. He’s not entitled to my love/lust but he thinks, however unconsciously, that he is entitled to me. Nope. He also implies, constantly, that I only like jerks. Um, no. Sure, I lust after some of them, but it’s LUST, not love. I happen to see the difference. No nice guy will imply that I have horrible judgment and will not constantly put me down. So guys, if you do that, you’re not “nice guys” and we don’t put you in the “friendzone”, we just DON’T F*CKING LIKE YOU more than in a platonic way. Geez.
How come if a girl doesn’t get the “love” or the “lust” of her week, she hates the girl who got the guy? The “other” girl/woman did nothing wrong. Nor did the “other” man/boy, for the ever-jealous guys. They may be “rivals” but honestly, if the object of your lust chose them, there’s no more rivalry. They “won”, so get over it and fap/masturbate to someone else, thanks. The Internet is an awesome resource for that, and they don’t talk back and they don’t have their own opinions. They are attractive pixels.
Bottom line: the friendzone was invented by those too jealous to realize that the object of their whatever is also an individual, and with another heart and mind. So, people, the next time your crush or whatever doesn’t return the feelings, eat your damn ice cream and chocolate and drink your damn beer and ACCEPT THE VERDICT. No use for crying over spilled milk. It only takes away from the time you need to clean it up 🙂

Please don’t lecture me unless you have an active role in my childhood

My parents and teachers love to lecture. They also have an active role in my life, so they have every right to do it. Teachers have the special right to do it because they see me everyday of week, (as in business week) 9 to 5, for ten months out of the year.
Who doesn’t have a right? My grandparents. Both sets. They had nothing to do with raising me, teaching me values, setting a good example. None of grandparents have no right, they didn’t take part in my life, they didn’t teach me any values but this one: I’m a girl, therefore I have to be quiet and know how to work the house. No. That’s a different subject, but no. That’s not all I’m good for. They don’t ever set a good example, all they do is tell me to shut up and go into the kitchen. All they do is yell abuse at each other, so they don’t have a right to lecture and tell me about the world’s way. I love them, but if I met them on the street and learned about this behavior, I would leave right then and there. And I wouldn’t give three shits if it was rude.
My grandma from my mom’s side is a hard working woman and who isn’t trying to shove marriage down my throat. She single-handingly (however the fuck it’s spelled) raised both my cousins with virtually no help from their parents, and I get that their household is quiet and sugar and spice and everything nice. Not mine, but no, she constantly yells at me to be quiet. No because it bothers her, no, but because it’s not lady-like. This world isn’t for “ladies”, but of course there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m independent, and I’m a fighter and I’m proud of these qualities and I don’t appreciate her telling me to sit back, clear the table that my dad is fully capable of doing once in a while, and not have any opinions. Or at least, don’t talk about them. Seriously.
Also, I really hate my grandparents asking me why the hell I’m angry. Let’s see: I’m not a Christian, I’m not white but an ethnic Jew,I’m anti-organized religion, and oh yeah, I’m a girl, which gives me more rules than a man has. All of these things put me at a disadvantage, whether socially constructed or imagined insecurities. I have to somehow carve out a life in a recession that can lead into a depression and I have to somehow pay for college. Why the fucking hell am I angry? Well I’m a teenager with an uncertain and dim future. So grandma, please don’t bitch about my anger unless you have been in my shoes, and no I don’t disrespect you because you lived during World War Two and all of that, but still. Unless you play an active role in my life, you have no right to lecture about it.
Also, a teacher has to teach me. That’s why they give out lectures, so they teach. They teach values, and they do have to set an example. For example, if they say that drugs are bad: then they shouldn’t do drugs. That’s pretty obvious. Don’t drink and drive? Same. Don’t text and drive? Ditto.
Bottom line: if you don’t have a job in my childhood, be it raising me, or teaching me skills and whatever else, do not lecture me, do not attempt on telling me on how to live my life unless you play an active part in it.

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to be Single

Another post about being single. I know, not terribly original but hey! I still have an opinion on this. And for those of you who care (and probably nobody does but who cares): yes, I’m “single” again. Don’t have a “boyfriend” any longer. You know what? I’ll get rid of the quotation marks. Those who read my “Relationships” post (https://howtobeadumbteenager.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/relationships/) will know my opinion about labels. So here are my reasons on why it’s awesome being single.
1. You can be attracted to someone without anyone freaking out about it
If you’re single, you can go to parties and meet cuties (boy or girl, your call) without constantly checking in or telling your SO about it. Because well, if you don’t tell your SO about a party: they think you’re cheating. You can casually flirt and exchange numbers, and oh my god tell your friends without them asking the dreaded question, “And how does_____ feel about it?” Nobody cares about who cares about the attraction and no one is trying to get you away from the person you think is hot/sexy.
2. You spend time your way
No more weekends at the potential in-laws’ house! Especially if you completely hate their guts. No more nights watching their movies and TV shows or laughing at their friends. Seriously. Your life is your own. You can go to the convenience store at 3am if you so feel like it. You can get drunk with your friends without apologizing to anyone. No more stupid fights, especially since it’s obvious you’re right. You can shit with the door open if it gets you off and you can scratch your ass without getting grossed out looks. Unless of course you live with roommates but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.
3.No more pointless gifts and spending money
You’ll always spend money, and you’ll always give gifts (as long as you have family and friends, that is). However, you no longer have to give gifts for no reason to someone you fought with, or are sorry for their loss about someone you never met. You don’t have to give them Valentine’s Day gifts. You also don’t have to spend money on dates, because no matter how cheap they are, they usually end up costing you something.
Well, there it is! The Top 3 Reasons on why it’s awesome to be single.


Having a job is overrated, especially one where you don’t get paid. I have it even worse, I work for my Dad.
Ok, so before I start just randomly bitching about my so-called “horrible” job, I do realize that
A. Most people would be glad to get any kind of job right now and
B. I should get used to even worse and unreasonable bosses and my dad is just the beginning.
Ok, I’m done.
Nope, I’m just getting started.
This isn’t my first job. My first job wasn’t even a job before I got fired. I didn’t have time for it, as I was in school and you know, had to do homework. This job is only to relieve my boredom and hopefully get an Ipad. Nope, not going to sugar coat this. I want an Ipad, and my dad is saying that I can only get one if I work for him. He’s unfortunately, a very reasonable person, so naturally I said yes. Besides, I do need the work experience.
Needing a job isn’t the same as liking it, however. Monkey work, which is basically taking 300 business cards and putting them into an online data base. Yay….
It takes longer than it should, because my darling father simply insists on doing things HIS WAY, AS HE’S THE BOSS. That includes:
*scanning them through a glitchy app
*transferring them onto the computer
*and then editing them, even though the fucking app should have done it all
Now, I’m correcting the mistakes the app makes which takes forever, and the app didn’t scan some cards so I have to put them in manually. What….fun?
Yes, I know, my dad is giving me some experience, and I’m grateful but I have rights you know. You know, to be a dumb teenager and shit. There. Justified this post.
Bye 🙂