Why I’m Tired of people Hating on Mainstream Music

These days, it’s cool to hate everything. To hate the world, to hate our society, to hate our Internet and celebrity culture, whatever. I’m especially tired of how everyone seems to think it’s cool to hate current music.
Yes, it’s become cool to shun everything new, like new cell phones, new computers, new everything. Or in easier terms, to become a rebel. “Rebel against the system, man.” Becoming a rebel also means not liking current music.
I’ll be the first to confess: I listen to some current music. Current music isn’t bad. THERE! YOU CAN SHOOT ME NOW!!! GO AHEAD!!!! I also dislike some artists and I completely ignore others (think of Justin Bieber). But let’s pretend why current music sucks. Why the fucking hell listen to it? We have YouTube, ITunes, Pandora, and our parents’ music tracks. Why the fuck talk about how much current music sucks, thereby giving it even MORE attention? If you hate current music sooo much, why not just ignore it, turn to oldies stations and listen to your parents’ music?
And okay, I probably confused some of you. Here’s what I see on Facebook: I open up a music page making fun of “mainstream music” (which by the way, with so much hate it gets, how is it still MAINSTREAM MUSIC???) and I see the following:
*”Mainstream music sucks”
* “They never make stuff like the Beatles.”
*”People are too stupid to like older music these days”
*”Justin Bieber (or any other artist) sings like a girl” (why the fuck is that even an insult? Ugh, that will be talked about in a later time).
Anyway, the general theme is this. Anyone who makes supposedly mainstream music sucks and anyone who listens to it deserves to die.
But what I hate most isn’t how much attention is dedicated to this crap, it’s the fact that we have to debate our opinions on music and have to fucking justify it.
I was talking to my friend about mainstream media and he said that he only listens to Swedish and Japanese music because it’s apparently so much better. But remember: PSY made Gangdam Style, and it’s Korean. So anything popular is going to become mainstream, and therefore will “suck”. And remember: anything that seems cool will catch on and then it’s going to be all mainstream and “uncool”, apparently.
I have these friends, and guess what? They love current music! And they’re not stupid!!! AMAZING, ISN’T IT???????? And they’re my very best friends!!! OH MY GOD, THEY’RE NOT DUMB!
In this world, you have to justify why you like something popular. That makes you in the minority. I listen to some current stuff but mostly really old music that dates back to the 70’s. I listen to Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and last time I checked, I’m still getting amazing grades in school.
You don’t have to like mainstream music, seriously it can annoy the shit out of you and really, some of it really is trash. But do us a favor: shut the fuck up about your personal musical tastes and let us listen to ours.