Human cruelty towards fellow man doesn’t surprise me anymore

Is it bad that nothing surprises me anymore?
I mean, seriously, every time I hear of rape, or murder or theft, I don’t really feel anything about it. Sure, it’s sad, but then I get caught up in what I have to do today and it all slips away. The Trayvon Martin case? The Connecticut school shooting? I wasn’t angry or sad, or shocked. I just took at face value. Because guess what?
Human cruelty toward fellow man doesn’t surprise me anymore.
I’m immune to it. Sure, it’s horrible that 26 people died, that a guy was acquitted of a crime he obviously committed, but what can we do? Do we demand that those 26 people are brought back to life? Do we demand a second trial for George Zimmerman? What do we do? We just vow never to repeat the same mistakes, yet we do. We just sit back and debate gun violence and the race problem in America but we never get anywhere. Why not? Because we also have obligations, and we give shopping for school supplies a bigger priority over solving racism and teaching children to respect guns. I get it, everyday life is solved immediately, and unlike with national issues, they have a solution. We humans have this annoying thing where instant gratifications look more appealing to us than working steadily towards a solution. That is why the Internet is such a huge success. That is why malls have grown to be so important.
And that is also why nothing surprises me anymore. Guns and hate offer a release. They provide a physical output for emotions. Human kindness takes a while to get a hold of, and who knows if another person will become kind to you as well? It’s easier to kill and get their land and their power, it’s easier to take your anger out on someone because they are luckier than you. Human cruelty is simply easier. You don’t need to control it, as your anger is a fuel for murder, theft and backstabbing. It brings that instant high that you get when you get something off your chest. Why control your anger when you don’t know the outcome or that outcome is coming slowly?
We all have this problem, and it doesn’t seem like much until we have headlines reading “Boy in Florida killed in fight” or “20 children and 6 adults dead in Sandy Hook”.
Before I close off this post, I would just like to say that while I’m not surprised by human cruelty, doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay, but I also think that this problem will not be solved just by talking about it.
Having said that, goodbye and goodnight


Do Something Already

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I go up to my room and turn off the lights. I change out of my day clothes and open the windows and light a candle and I stare up at the ceiling and just think. That rarely happens, as I’m wasting out in front of the television or depressingly scroll through my Facebook feed. and so I get to thinking: what is the point of all of this? I mean, we’re all going to die, so it really doesn’t make a difference on how you live your life, but for the sake of argument I will say this: your life matters and how you live it matters.
So why do we care about the car we drive and how many friends we have? If the way you live will make a difference in the world and if you genuinely believe that your life matters, then why in the fucking hell are we sitting around on our asses reading about a friend of a friend of a friends’ latest Sim City ground breaking score? If we think that our lives have purpose and meaning to others: then why are we not doing anything? I think the problem with American society is that we take for granted our place in the world so we don’t really think that we have to work hard to get respect or money. I will say this though: we have a reason to be entitled but for the sake of argument we’ll remove the socioeconomic circumstances.
I can’t stop laughing at how many ways we all waste our lives. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. They all have a great function, in theory. But in when you take a look what’s going on in the real world practice of various social media, the whole point of it is to advertise yourself, “oh look at me! I’m so sexy,funny,sweet,etc!” We put up a front of being awesome, but we’re not being awesome organically. We stage our lives, wasting them to compete and to be perfect. Our lives matter, but we treat them as a game. We treat them as a sport. “Oh! Let’s try this! Oh! Laura has that shirt, I need to buy it as well.” And when we do volunteer work, it’s only to show off, to make friends (I’m guilty of that…), to put on our resumes that other people will do, and really, just act for the sake of appearances, not because we genuinely want to make people’s passage through Earth easier. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t volunteered yet. There’s nothing I truly care about yet to really do that. So I’m part of the problem. However, I found several charities that look like I would enjoy helping with, but I think my Government teacher wants us to volunteer for credit, so I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it as much.
I’m not one of those “high and mighty” people who are above my criticism. I’m not. I do nothing, I work on homework, chat on Facebook, write this damn blog. I admit it! I do nothing, and I admit that I’m part of the problem. I’m wasting my life doing things that won’t make me live any longer or make me any happier. I don’t volunteer, I don’t play an active part in my community, I read day and night but it doesn’t benefit society.
So the point of this post?
DO SOMETHING ALREADY!!! Become educated, and become passionate. Talk, make networks that you cherish and GET OFF OF FACEBOOK!!! Just don’t even think about clicking that log-in button. Don’t freaking advertise yourself everywhere unless you genuinely want to get people into your organization. Don’t put something on an application unless you genuinely care about what you are doing.
Don’t waste your time/life documenting your existence. It’s boring anyway.

Should we have Expectations?

Every time I don’t have fun (anywhere, whether it’s at a movie or hanging out with a friend), my mother says the magic words, “You shouldn’t have such high expectations.” It goes beyond having fun with a friend. It also happens during my suck-ish birthday parties and dances, plus several dates. So I got to thinking, should we expect a good time OR should we just go into whatever event without a single clue as how the evening (or afternoon) will go?
I’ll be honest: I always expect either an amazing time (yes flirting is involved) or in the case of grownup parties, I expect to be an anti-social butterfly. And some of the time, my expectations turn out to be at least half way true. But most of the time: I end up being way off the mark. At the school dances I end up being dumped, and lonely. At grownup parties I not only have fun, I feel that that’s where I belong. But I still expect to have fun with at dances and hanging out with more immature people.
So this begs the question: what shapes expectations and should we let them shape our nights, our careers and obviously, our lives?
Let’s take a look at the most basic of my expectations. When ever the new school year rolls around, I prepare myself mentally to meet new people, be more social and be all smiley, and to put more effort into my appearance. FAT CHANCE. First day of school rolls around and I’m basically sneaking around my schedule hoping none of my former bullies and harassers notice me and decide to start up again. So why do I expect to become an instant social butterfly despite my crippling social anxiety?
I have a theory. We want what we can’t have. I have anxiety, yet I want to have tons of friends and yes, as a teenage girl in our society, I naturally want male admirers. I want it so much that I expect to happen simply because I’m willing to work on it. Of course, it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.
But anyway, I found that our expectations are also shaped by our previous experiences. I had fun at a dance, therefore I will have fun at another one. Sure it’s dumb, but we do learn from the past, so why not expect the same result? Face it, we all do that and while the past is the past, we still look at it with all of that nostalgia crap. This year, I’m not expecting to have a great year (almost none of my friends will have even a class together) but you never know. Last year I wasn’t expecting much either.
I think expectations help us brace ourselves for things that don’t go right, but they harm more than they help. I personally am for expectations, because they show how hopeful or pessimistic you are about the future or a task you want to do. Expectations are not accurate most of the times because we do expect way too many things. I expected to read the whole time at a grownup party, but ended up debating gun control instead. We may not be in a situation we expected to be in, or we did not expect our careers to change. Honestly though, expectations do have to be in check because if they weren’t, we would all be running around in search of our perfect Noah or Allie, or Peeta or Katniss to complete and to protect us, not to mention becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw or Samantha Jones. Life doesn’t go as expected, I always expected that I wouldn’t have to take Zoloft and go to therapy, but hey! Life is that way, and we can’t expect the perfect life. I’m pretty hopeful about my future (which is to become a successful writer and psychologist) and yes, I do expect to rise in my career, but life isn’t guaranteed to go the way you planned it.
To summarize: yes I believe we should have expectations, or else how else are we going to live? Expectations say that you are willing to work towards what you expect. If you don’t expect much, than well, you don’t want much, don’t want to work towards it or are simply pessimistic towards the future. Expectations help us measure what we have learned, the impact your past has made on you and the impact the people who surround you made on you. That’s obviously just my opinion, but expectations are a valuable thing. Expectations will tell you that if you do thing A then in the logical sense, thing B will become a reaction that you expect, based on surrounding info. If you commit a crime and you are caught, you can expect consequences.
And now I end this rambling piece by simply saying:
Yes, we do need Expectations.

Why I’m Tired of people Hating on Mainstream Music

These days, it’s cool to hate everything. To hate the world, to hate our society, to hate our Internet and celebrity culture, whatever. I’m especially tired of how everyone seems to think it’s cool to hate current music.
Yes, it’s become cool to shun everything new, like new cell phones, new computers, new everything. Or in easier terms, to become a rebel. “Rebel against the system, man.” Becoming a rebel also means not liking current music.
I’ll be the first to confess: I listen to some current music. Current music isn’t bad. THERE! YOU CAN SHOOT ME NOW!!! GO AHEAD!!!! I also dislike some artists and I completely ignore others (think of Justin Bieber). But let’s pretend why current music sucks. Why the fucking hell listen to it? We have YouTube, ITunes, Pandora, and our parents’ music tracks. Why the fuck talk about how much current music sucks, thereby giving it even MORE attention? If you hate current music sooo much, why not just ignore it, turn to oldies stations and listen to your parents’ music?
And okay, I probably confused some of you. Here’s what I see on Facebook: I open up a music page making fun of “mainstream music” (which by the way, with so much hate it gets, how is it still MAINSTREAM MUSIC???) and I see the following:
*”Mainstream music sucks”
* “They never make stuff like the Beatles.”
*”People are too stupid to like older music these days”
*”Justin Bieber (or any other artist) sings like a girl” (why the fuck is that even an insult? Ugh, that will be talked about in a later time).
Anyway, the general theme is this. Anyone who makes supposedly mainstream music sucks and anyone who listens to it deserves to die.
But what I hate most isn’t how much attention is dedicated to this crap, it’s the fact that we have to debate our opinions on music and have to fucking justify it.
I was talking to my friend about mainstream media and he said that he only listens to Swedish and Japanese music because it’s apparently so much better. But remember: PSY made Gangdam Style, and it’s Korean. So anything popular is going to become mainstream, and therefore will “suck”. And remember: anything that seems cool will catch on and then it’s going to be all mainstream and “uncool”, apparently.
I have these friends, and guess what? They love current music! And they’re not stupid!!! AMAZING, ISN’T IT???????? And they’re my very best friends!!! OH MY GOD, THEY’RE NOT DUMB!
In this world, you have to justify why you like something popular. That makes you in the minority. I listen to some current stuff but mostly really old music that dates back to the 70’s. I listen to Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and last time I checked, I’m still getting amazing grades in school.
You don’t have to like mainstream music, seriously it can annoy the shit out of you and really, some of it really is trash. But do us a favor: shut the fuck up about your personal musical tastes and let us listen to ours.


Women and Men throughout time contemplated, wrote songs, plays, novels and sonnets about that one special feeling: Love. Now I know this is July, not February, but this question came up to me last night when I was texting my boyfriend: What is love? And better yet, what are relationships?
When you really think about it, nobody is really “married” or “dating”. It’s not a state of being, it’s only a definition of human relationships. “I’m ‘dating’ this person” or “I’m ‘married’ to her/him”. What you’re really saying is this: I love this person and I feel we have an extraordinary bond so let’s put a label on it. These “bonds” are typically defined by: Married, Engaged, Dating, F*cking, Just Friends (or the ever-annoying “Friend Zone”), etc. These labels imply that you “belong” to that other person, whoever it is. My boyfriend is not my “boyfriend’, he’s just, well let’s just say that he’s a guy I’m into (and contemplating ending our so-called connection). We’re not taken, we’re not kidnapped after all. We aren’t “off the market”, since any person can have any kind of relationships they so feel like. No one is “cheating”, they are simply exploring a bond with someone else. You can’t cheat if you don’t owe anything to that other person.
If you want to define relationships, however, that’s great. I also like labels but the point of the last two paragraphs was that that’s what they are, just labels humans made up to explain their purpose in someone else’s life. Labels are like Religion: to explain things in life.
After we cleared up that little annoying label, I want to draw attention to what those labels mean, not what they are.
What is Dating?
“Dating” is the stereotypical “get to know you” phase shown in movies. You know the “honeymoon” phase, where things get really romantic. Never had one. Personally, a relationship doesn’t become “dating” until we have a honeymoon phase and then fades away. If you never had a honeymoon phase, then the appropriate label should be “friends”. though honestly, I’ve always wondered about “dating”. Is it really all that special? Wouldn’t you rather just date yourself? I mean, do what you want, when you want it, how you want it, and you can always get a “Friend with Benefits” for those horny nights. If that’s not your thing, there’s always a dildo. Or for a guy: your hand. Really, I think that dating is confusing. Like I said before, I don’t define my relationship with my “boyfriend” dating, so I’ve never really dated. Tell me, is it like the movies say it is? Are the feelings just like they say they are? Why share your life when you can keep it to yourself? I never understood why the women in Sex and the City (that is, except Samantha) obsessed over the numerous men they slept with. In the end of the day, we’re all alone. We’re the only ones in our heads, the only ones who know our life story, who have our own memories of common ones, and we all die by ourselves. We may have people in our presence but we are the only ones departing from the earth. Other people die as well. But we’re the only ones who feel ourselves die. We are born alone, and we die alone. So why obsess over someone’s dick picture?
What is being Engaged?
Well, well, well. Put a ring on it. Suddenly, we’re all spending thousands of much needed dollars for what? Oh that’s right. ONE DAY PEOPLE. Which brings me into Marriage…..
What is Marriage?
Stereotypically dreaded by every man who likes to call himself a man, Marriage is now a Trap for any self-respecting male. Apparently. Really, from what I heard about it (and how suck-ish my parents make it look) it’s just like Dating but suddenly, YOU’RE ALLOWED TO HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Not. I’m never having kids if I can help it. But seriously. Why do you suddenly get to own each other? Like , “Oh I’m married to you (if I’m not gay because apparently it’s a sin) and I love you so go and do the dishes”. That’s like so sexy. so I’d rather be friends with Benefits. No feelings, just fucking. Yup, definitely doing that when I’m older. Which brings us to….
What is Friendship?
Friendship, or “Let’s just be friends” is the most convenient relationship. You fuck (if you want to), you talk and no ESPECIALLY EXTRAORDINARY feelings are shared. It’s basically everything that dating, marriage and engagement is, just they’re apparently “special”.
Well I’m done ranting about relationships. I’m not even sure I’m making sense anymore. XD anyway good bye and good day!